Japanese Modern Society

Hatarakiman - Moyoko Anno

“Suppose that a being from a different planet arrived in japan wanted to meet a typical Japanese, one who best typified the Japanese adult population.
To begin, the person chosen should be a female, because women outnumber men in Japan; sixty-five million women band sixty-two million men live in the Japanese archipelago. With regard to occupation, she would definitely not be employed in a large Corporation but would work in a small enterprise, since one in eight workers is employed in a Company with three hundred or more employees. Nor would she be guaranteed lifetime employment, since those who work under this arrangement amount utmost to only a quarter of Japan’s workforce. She would not belong to a labour union, because less than one out of five Japanese workers is unionised. She would not be university-educated. Fewer than one in six Japanese have a University degree, and even today only about 40 percent or younger generation graduate fro University with a four-year degree.
When outsiders visualise the Japanese, however, they tend to think of men rather then women, career employees in larger companies rather than non-permanent workers in a small firms and university graduates rather then high school leavers, tor these are the images presented on television and magazine articles.
Moreover because a particular cluster of individuals ho occupy high positions in a large company have greater access to mass media and publicity, the lifestyle and value orientations or those in that cluster have acquired a disproportionately high level of visibility in the analysis or Japanese Society at the expense of the wider cross-section of its population.”

Japanese Society
Yoshio Sugimoto


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